We are looking for reviews and advertisements on this site.

Thank you for visiting PCTextbook.com.This page introduces the advertisements frame of this site. We hope that our site will be of use to people overseas.

This site mainly reviews gadgets through article ads. As for software reviews, we only review products that are developed for the Japanese market.

In-article advertising (review article writing)

In-article advertising (review requests)

Gadget Reviews 25,000 yen per article
(including tax)
Free period in effect!
Software reviews 50,000 yen per article
(including tax)

From January 2021, we are offering free review article production only if you can provide us with gadget products.The free review is scheduled to last until the end of December 2021.

Article Advertising Content

  • Approximately 3,000 characters per article in Japanese
  • Target keywords can be specified (up to 2)
  • Photography with a single lens, Google Pixel, or iPhone

The 3,000 words is a guideline. If you wish to specify more than 3,000 words or split the article, we may be able to do so for an additional fee.
We cannot write reviews in languages other than Japanese, as the content is intended for the Japanese market.

We will also list the items we are looking for on this site.

Products we are seeking to offer

  • Personal computers (notebooks and desktops)
  • Computer peripherals (anything is possible)
  • Smartphones
  • Smartphone peripherals (iPhone, Android)
  • PC Desk / Chair
  • Remote work items
  • Convenient goods around your desk
  • PC Software(Windows only)
  • Smart Phone Apps (iPhone, Android)
  • Crowdfunding Products


Things to keep in mind

  • We will create articles that will help you get top search results. (You can also specify your own keywords.)
  • We will never do stems or undercover marketing.
  • We can also spread the word through our Twitter account.
  • Basically, we provide products and accept review requests for a fee (writing fee).

When writing a review article, we will create the content keeping in mind the items in the "Things to keep in mind" section in the frame above.In particular, we do not accept requests for steaming or undercover marketing.We will tell you how we feel about the product and its advantages, as well as any points that are not so good.

Please understand that we are trying to create a website that puts our readers first.

Also, the price of in-article advertising may vary depending on the content of the article and the time required to write it.

  • If it takes a lot of time to verify and use the provided products.
  • When the length of an article greatly exceeds 3,000 words.
  • When multiple articles are requested even for a single request.

Please pay the remittance fee for in-article advertisements as well.
If you pay by PayPal or any other method where we pay the remittance fee, please pay the review article production fee plus 10%.

PCTextbook.com is a website like this one.

Opening in January 2020, full-scale operation from June 2020

PC Textbook" is a blog media that explains "how to choose a computer" and "how to use a computer" for computer beginners. We aim to be like a free computer school, and we are always accepting questions from readers via LINE, Twitter, and email (contact form).

We also explain the performance of computers and computer peripherals so that people without specialized knowledge can choose a good one at a fair price. from 2021, we are also focusing on gadget reviews.

Detailed access information

  • PV: around 100,000 PV / month (98% OrganicSearch)
  • Gender ratio: 65% (male): 35% (female)
  • Age ratio
    (Age): (Percentage)
    18-24 : 17.46%
    25-34 : 30.68%
    35-44 : 23.35%
    45-54 : 14.16%
    55-64 : 07.82%
    65+   : 06.54%

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If you do not receive a reply within a few days, please send us a message again or contact us via Twitter DM (@ryu9zap). Also, if you cannot send us a message due to a form error, please send it to us on Twitter.